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They are a big, beautiful breed of cat with the sweetest loving temperaments.

They are often compared to dogs because they tend to expect the same attention from you as a dog would!

They will follow you around, they will get under your feet wanting attention, they will talk to you and follow you to the bathroom or shower, they usually like to play in the water and will watch you take a bath! You will have no privacy and they will expect to share your bed! 

They will help you make the bed (their version of helping) and they are a very family-orientated breed. They can also be the biggest sooks and expect to be spoilt! They make great family pets and are usually very good with other pets too.

They will sit on your laptop when your work is due to remind you that they are more important, they will carry on like they are starved if their food bowl is only 2/3 full. If you buy them a big toy you will probably find them in the box and they love to help supervise you unloading the groceries so they can jump in the bags. They basically think they are gods and we are just here to serve them!

They are truly a wonderful breed of cat. They are all just a bit different when it comes to temperaments but they are not antisocial or unsocialised kittens. You can be assured they are an amiable breed. They are raised indoors and that is where they should live, we never want our cats to be allowed outdoors without supervision or an escape-proof enclosure. It's their nature to be trusting and they may follow the local kids home if you let them roam outdoors, people will be tempted to keep them! 


Our Vetting

My cattery is negative for HCM & PKD, FIV & FELV and many other feline conditions and our kittens are also negative by parentage.

Our kittens leave Desexed, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Wormed & Flea Free.​

Our Luxafel Kitten Pack includes;

A Kitten folder complete with photos & information including;  

Genetic Health Guarantee 

Trupanion Insurance Policy

Vaccination & Microchip Booklet 

Vet Desexing Certificate

Genuine GCCFV Pedigree Papers

Royal Canin & Advance Food packs

A Luxafel Bag, Blanket & Toys

Contact info for our Suppliers and ongoing breeder support

Reserving a Kitten 

A 25% deposit is paid to reserve a kitten.

If you would like to reserve a kitten please fill out our kitten application and send a quick introductory text.  

Our kittens will be ready to leave here once they've healed from their desexing which is done at 11-12 weeks old.

Boys can usually leave around  3 days after being desexed and for girls it's roughly 10 days later. 


From time to time we may have retired ex-breeding cats available to approved homes.

They do have a small adoption fee to cover their vetting costs.


Ragdoll Colours and Patterns

Here are some examples of the different colours I breed.

Chocolate Bicolour  Kitten

Seal Bicolour Adult

Lilac Bicolour Kitten

Blue Tabby Bicolour Kitten

Chocolate Tabby Mitted Kitten

Seal Mitted Adult

Blue Bicolour Kitten

Chocolate Bicolour  Kitten

Blue Tabby Bicolour Kitten

Blue Mitted Kitten

Blue Tabby Bicolour Kitten


Blue Tabby Mitted Kitten


Seal Mitted Kitten


Chocolate Mitted kitten

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